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A Lifetime of Experience in the Bio-Based Industry

Bioeconomy Consulting

The bioeconomy offers ample opportunities for sustainable business. Start or keep innovating! Green Swanlings’ Bioeconomy Consulting can support you with

Biorefinery Portfolio Optimisation

You have already realised biorefinery projects, but want to expand your portfolio? Then we should discuss possibilities.

Bioeconomy Innovation Management

The failure or success of bio-based products starts in the R&D department. Key factors other than technological progress are often overlooked or acknowledged too late. Therefore, I suggest getting unbiased third-party input.

Bioeconomy Project Design

Your project + my experience, my funding know-how and my network = a perfect match?


Sustainability is at the heart of each of Green Swanlings’ bioeconomy projects. It renders your business better prepared for the future, it can boost your attractiveness to customers, help win the war for talent, help save costs and more.

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