Bioeconomy Consulting & Leadership Coaching

Bioeconomy consulting and leadership mentoring

Together for your sustainable future

Welcome to Green Swanlings

Green Swanlings offers bioeconomy consulting and leadership mentoring. Bioeconomy consulting largely targets the forest-based manufacturing and chemical industries. On the other hand, leadership mentoring addresses industry, universities and RTOs.

The name Green Swanlings was inspired by John Elkington’s Green Swans. Green Swanlings is about ambition. The ambition is to provide every project with the best means to make positive contributions to a sustainable world. And perhaps be the beginning of a green swan event.

The home of bioeconomy consulting

With Green Swanlings, I realise my dreams and ambitions, namely to own a company and make productive use of my know-how. Additionally, I foster sustainability and aim to unearth the “more” in people and organisations.

Bioeconomy consulting is about responsible production and responsible financial success of the customers. Special sustainability solutions combine both involving people inside and outside the enterprise and improving sustainable business.